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Monday, December 15, 2014

Deep cleansing with carbonated water

                                                                      Deep cleansing with carbonated water
As many of us know mineral water has many benefits and when it mixed with carbonated water the result are great for reduce dullness and cleansing.
After using this method, your skin should look brighter, nicer and your face less bloated. Your skin will might feel hot while doing it because carbonated water helps improve blood circulation.
The only ingredient you’ll need is 100% mineral carbonated water (fizz water). Water must not contain any artificial scent, food coloring or anything. It must be 100% pure water.
This great deep cleansing method gets rid of dust/oil in your pores and gives you a nicer complexion.
 If you will apply weekly:
 Once a week, fill a bowl with carbonated water and mineral water 1:1 proportion, and soak your face in it for 10~20 seconds, no more. Do not rinse. This will deep cleanses your pores and skin.
Oily skins can do it twice a week, dry and sensitive skin only once a week.

.If you will apply daily:
Every day, after cleansing, pour a little bit of carbonated water on a cotton ball and gently press it all over your face. Do not rinse.
You should see results within a month but only if you will use this method every day & every week.


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